Most businesses start out in a very predictable fashion. They research the nuts and bolts of what they need to purchase before launching their business. They plan the equipment financing required to run their business, write a business plan, register a Pty(Ltd) and open a business bank account. Now they are ready for business, so they think.

Typically at that point, the first realisation of ‘business marketing’ comes into play. Perhaps the sign company inquires about  whether the business has a logo, or the printer asks the same question while working on the business cards. Maybe a web designer or a graphic designer requests the logo file building the company website or designing a brochure.

It is at this point where everything can go right or very wrong for that budding business. Most businesses make a critical error. They never really consider or a logo for their business, and they do not understand how important it is, they opt for the cheapest way  to move forward.

They ‘ve exhausted  most of their funding on equipment, furniture, rent ect. Ironically, they spend all their money on getting into business, and have little left to actually market their business.

Often this lack of funding, along with a misunderstanding about branding importance,  means the business owner will have the printer or signwriter design something on their own. The result is the lack of branding cohesiveness. Or, maybe no one gives the business a logo at all, instead, each vendor uses basic text with the business name and call it a day.

Surprisingly, very few small business startups take steps to hire a design company ours to establish their identity and initiate brand execution across all platforms .i.e website, stationery, signs, vehicles and social media platforms.

Congratulations, you have figured out all the legal formalities of starting a business, crossed every ‘t’, and dotted every ‘i’. Now is your chance to be destined for success or mediocrity. Your chance to stand out or fit in begins now.