A R500 logo is typically going to be worth about what you pay for it. Remember, good branding isn’t an expense;
it’s an investment that, when executed correctly, yields a significant return. Investing in your business brand is not the same thing as purchasing an office desk based upon who has the cheapest price. It’s not a commodity, it really is a professional service. To be done properly it cannot be rushed, and there are really no shortcuts a designer can take. It involves conceptualizing, planning, researching, sketching, refining, revising, and truly immersing yourself in the client’s business.

You’re investing in the services of a brand architect. If you were to hire an architect to design your house, how much would you expect to pay? If the foundation of your business is built around the stability of a solid brand, you’d want to hire the best you could afford.

If your brand is the most valuable asset, invest wisely. Cheap usually isn’t any good, and good usually isn’t cheap. Similarly, fast isn’t good, good isn’t fast.
We do not take shortcuts, and we’re really not any faster at designing logos than we were 10 years ago. This is simply because the creative process can’t be rushed. You don’t produce a great brand with a few hours of work