Standout from the clutter,
let your customers know who you are,
what you do and how you can
make their lives better.


Tell your story and shift your
prospects from interest to wanting
your product or service.


Delight your customers
with great service and make them
your brand evangelists.

5 out of 7 small businesses started in South Africa fail within the first year.

An alarming failure rate of 71%. One of the reasons cited for this dismal failure is the lack of branding. It is for this particular reason Logoman Designs exists. We help you grow your brand. Your brand is not only your most important asset, but a critical component in your business success. Branding is to success as a proper foundation is to a solid house. Just like construction, a foundation is critical for building the parts of a small business brand


Our Mission

Logoman Designs strives to provide you (our client) with cost-effective and compelling branding solutions that meet your well-defined strategic objectives. Drawing on over 10+ years of experience, we offer insights into proven techniques and strategies that help grow your business. We are a conduit through which our clients take their businesses to the next level.


There are many definitions of branding, depending on what book you read. Most are along these lines:

  • A brand is what people say about your company behind your back
  • A brand is the public perception of your company
  • A brand is a customer’s understanding about your product, service, or company. It’s not what YOU say it is, but what THEY say it is. (Marty Neumeier)


Is your business destined for success or failure?

Most businesses start out in a very predictable fashion. They research the nuts and bolts of what they need to purchase before launching their business. They plan the equipment financing required to run their business, write a business plan, register a Pty(Ltd) and open a business bank account. Now they are ready for business, so they think…

Why your brand is your most important asset?

A logo is the foundation of your brand. If it’s not a good logo to begin with, subsequent branding efforts land on shaky ground due to that poor foundation.

When a reputable designer suggests a new logo, it’s important to consider and respect their advice. They’re really trying to help by giving your business a solid foundation to build upon…


How much should you pay for your brand?

A R500 logo is typically going to be worth about what you pay for it. Remember, good branding isn’t an expense;
it’s an investment that, when executed correctly, yields a significant return.

Investing in your business brand is not the same thing as purchasing an office desk based upon who has the cheapest price. It’s not a commodity, it really is a professional service…

Let us help you take your business to the next level!

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