Branding is the most important business asset

Branding image

A logo is the foundation of a small business brand. If it’s not good to begin with, any branding exercise that follows after that lands on shaky ground due to that poor foundation. Branding is to success as a proper foundation to a solid house.

As design experts, we basically have two choices: explain why your logo is weak and convince you to build a proper foundation for your marketing, or do the best we can with a weak existing branding. Obviously no designer or branding agency prefer the second option.

When a reputable designer suggests a new logo, it’s important to consider and respect their advice. They’re really trying to help by giving your business a solid foundation to build upon.

We want a fresh start because a poor brand is ultimately going to hamper our ability to do the job we are being hired to do in the first place.

More often than not clients come to us with a request that has nothing to do with their company logo. They would come with a request to build a website or a company profile and we would suggest they consider a new logo as well. Often they deal with suppliers who are happy to print stationery, manufacture a sign, buy advertising space.

These suppliers generally are interested in how your company logo looks like, it’s not their job. Otherwise they are happy to help you spend your advertising budget.

So, when a designer suggests a new logo, they’re not necessarily trying to up-sell you, in most cases their are really concerned about your brand. It is important to consider this and respect the advice of a reputable designer or agency. They’re really trying to help by giving you a solid foundation to build upon so they can successfully complete the work you need.

If you should remember only one thing about your brand, it should be that it’s the foundation for every touchpoint and customer experience as you conduct business. In the absence of a strong branding foundation, nothing that follows is solid, it’s like building a house without a foundation